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Doorway to Healing-Nzingha Womens Group Monday Evenings

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Both the Womens Group at the Library and


Nzingha Women Group: Doorway to Healing!

Are You On a Path to Healing? Do you want Support on Your Journey? Coming together with Women who want to help themselves and each other may be the answer! Our group, The Nzingha Women invites you to enter through our Doorway to Healing.

Some of the areas our group will focus and include discussions on are:

Self Esteem, Relationships, Children, Past Hurts, Health and Education.

We will learn to utilize Healing Arts (Contemporary and Ancient!!) such as:

Stress Relief Meditation, Yoga, Dance, and the Drum as well as Spa Therapy Techniques for more balance and Harmony in OUR Life.

Make sure you get in touch with us to find out more!

Assane Badji-One of our Beloved African Dance Instructors

From Left Nzingha Women JahQueen, Kaya, Cinderella, Lisa Omega, Zahkiyyah, Nehterrie, Waheeda


We want to include you in the formation of all of our Programs in the Library, and we would love to hear from you about what you would like to have offered to area women at the Library and in other areas of our community. These programs could be free, donated by our area businesses or area organizations.


We recently had the blessings of a wonderful program offered from The Omega Institute to the Nzingha Women called The Elixir of Passion-igniting your passion and how to share it around the World. In this special gathering, a stellar, diverse group of teachers showed us how we could connect to this powerful passionate energy to infuse our lives with Joy, Clarity, Vitality and Purpose. We were fortunate to have all lodging and course tuition completely paid for by the Womens Institute at Omega. A big thank you to Carla Goldstein and Sis Kaya IsesaJah for making this happen.

Faculty for This Program through Omega:

Andrew Harvey is a distinguished spiritual teacher, mystical scholar, Rumi translator, poet, novelist, and writer. He is the founder of the School for

Sacred Activism, which is part of The Center for Spiritual Democracy. His books about Rumi include The Way of Passion and Teachings of Rumi.

Seane Corn’s classes are an eclectic fusion of various healing and spiritual modalities, making them intuitive, insightful, and uplifting.

Featured in commercials, magazines, and named the National Yoga Ambassador for YouthAIDS, Seane utilizes her national platform to bring

awareness to the HIV/AIDS crisis through her Off the Mat, Into the World™ campaign.

Yasuhiko Genku Kimura is founder and chairman of Vision-In-Action. An ordained Zen Buddhist priest-scholar from Japan.

An electrifying gospel singer, songwriter, and choir leader, Sister Alice Martin was the musical instructor for the late “Queen of Gospel,” Marion

Williams, and her Marion Williams Singers. She is currently the music instructor of the acclaimed Bryn Mawr Haverford Gospel Choir, and is on the

music faculty of the B.M. Oakley Memorial Temple in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania .



Please contact us for more Programs and Offerings by the Library, the Nzingha Women and Other Groups by emailing our Library or calling The Family Partnership at 845-452-6088 and ask for the Library.